Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Wilson, NC Protect Your Rights After You’ve Been Injured

Workplace accidents are common occurrences that often require assistance

People are often injured on the job. However, many people are unaware that their injuries are covered by Workers’ Compensation insurance, known as “Workers’ Comp.” Others may find their claims blocked for reasons they do not understand. Workers’ Compensation can be critical to establishing the long-term care people need after a serious industrial accident.

Thomas Law, PA, Attorneys is a law firm in Wilson, NC, that helps clients with Workers’ Compensation claims. If you have questions about how you qualify, speak with one of our lawyers to learn more.

What is Workers’ Compensation insurance?

The law requires many businesses to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance to compensate employees who have suffered a personal injury on the job. In North Carolina, every business with three or more employees is required to carry it or qualify as self-insured. North Carolina law also lists several exceptions to this.

Employees of certain businesses are not required to be covered by Workers’ Comp insurance. Those not covered include:

  • Specific railroad employees
  • Domestic servants directly employed by a household
  • Farm laborers on small farm establishments
  • Employees who do not regularly perform work in the course of an employer’s business
  • Federal government employees
  • Commissioned agricultural product salespeople

The lawyers of Thomas Law are well versed in the Workers’ Comp claims process and can answer any questions you may have about eligibility or how to appeal a denial.

How do I qualify for North Carolina Workers’ Compensation benefits?

Someone who has been injured on-the-job has to follow several steps to receive Workers’ Compensation benefits. Those steps are:

  • Report the injury to your employer — Any employee who has been hurt at work must report the injury to his or her employer orally and in writing immediately. The employee should also report the injury to his or her healthcare provider and note that the injury is related to work. No more than 30 days can pass before the injury is reported.
  • The employer must report the injury — An employer is required to report the injury to his or her insurance carrier or the North Carolina Industrial Commission. Failure of an employer to report an injury or to provide treatment must be reported to the industrial commission within two years.
  • Have treatment administered through a provider — An employer’s insurance company or the employer itself must administer treatment for the injury. The treatment may be subject to modification or orders from the North Carolina Industrial Commission. In emergency situations, an employee may receive necessary treatment and request employer or commission approval afterwards.
  • Request a hearing if a claim is denied — If your application for benefits was denied, you can request a hearing with the Commissioners to challenge the basis for the denial.

Does Workers’ Compensation in North Carolina cover lost wages?

Yes. The Commission can authorize lost wages in the amount of 66% of the weekly lost wage. The maximum dollar amount that can be authorized is $884 every week. In certain cases, the commission can adjust that amount based on a monthly salary.

The Commission can also authorize compensation for permanent partial disability. To qualify, an employee must have the total loss or partial loss of use of a body part in a way that hinders him or her from making the same salary as before he or she were hurt. The Commission makes a determination on the severity of the injury from physician testimony or evidence regarding the person’s capacity to work after getting hurt.

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