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Truck accidents produce severe injuries and difficult insurance issues

There are fewer prospects more frightening than being involved in a collision between a commercial truck and a smaller vehicle. The size, weight and momentum of a tractor-trailer or other heavy vehicle produce significant damage when an accident occurs. Truck accidents cause a disproportionate number of injuries and fatalities on the nation’s roads every year.

Thomas Law is a law firm in Wilson, North Carolina that focuses on helping people get back to normal after an accident. A truck accident lawyer from our firm will address any concerns you may have about how to get compensation for your injuries.

The injury rates of large vehicle accidents are alarming

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tracks injuries and crashes throughout the nation’s roads. The Administration’s research reveals that vehicles weighing more than 10,000 pounds accounted for:

  • 287,000 traffic collisions
  • 88,000 people injured. About 64,000 of those people were an occupant of the other vehicle involved.
  • More than 3,700 individuals killed. Of that number, 2,695 were in the other vehicle.

The numbers are alarming. If you are in the other vehicle in one of these accidents, you could be entitled to financial recovery.

A wreck involving a commercial truck is often the result of the driver’s negligence

Collisions between cars and trucks are especially dangerous and much more likely to produce injuries than other sorts of accidents. The force of an impact between a commercial truck and a smaller vehicle almost always produces muscle and back injuries and head trauma, and often results in a fatality. The large amount of commercial vehicles, such as UPS and FedEx trucks, results in a shocking number of accidents every year. Collisions result from:

  • Driver fatigue
  • Overloaded trucks
  • Distracted driving
  • Poorly maintained vehicles
  • Drug or alcohol use
  • Falling debris from improperly secured cargo

There are many possible causes of wrecks, but an accident victim involved in an accident caused by any of those factors may be entitled to compensation. Speak with one of our personal injury attorneys to discover more about your legal options following a collision.

The company operating the truck could be financially responsible for damage and medical costs

Truck accidents also raise complicated issues of liability. A company that operates a truck is responsible for the injuries caused by its driver. However, if the driver was using the vehicle for personal use or in a way that is separate from their work responsibilities, they may be personally liable. Speak with an attorney from Thomas Law in Wilson, North Carolina to find out more about liability and truck accidents.

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